A slow fashion approach
We have a simple philosophy: to design and make beautiful, timeless fashion while caring for the people & the planet. The limited fabrics mean each piece is a few of a kind.
MUME was created by marrying the concept of comfortability and femininity in each piece. Handcrafted by the designer herself, MUME aims to create an attachment on high value garments with relatively affordable prices with the fundamental objective of initiating conscious purchasing, transcending a piece of clothing into artistic expressions and ultimately be interpreted in any personal style. 
MUME (ムメ)では環境問題への取り組み方法として、ハンドメイドというコンセプトに。生産を少なく、服に愛を持ち、長く着られるような服を製作していく。良質な天然素材にこだわり、インドネシアの工房で職人がひとつひとつ手作業で製作。