Based in Tokyo, Japan, MUME is a brand founded by Irene Wira, a final year student majoring in Apparel Technique from Bunka Fashion College. Created out of curiosity in 2020, MUME focuses on designing feminine pieces through distinctive tailoring artistry with ruffles and original shiring techniques.  Each collection hone in neutral earthy palettes with a mixture of nuance silhouette that flounce around the female form. 

MUME was created by marrying the concept of comfortability and femininity in each piece. Handcrafted by the designer herself, MUME aims to create an attachment on high value garments with relatively affordable prices with the fundamental objective of initiating conscious purchasing, transcending a piece of clothing into artistic expressions and ultimately be interpreted in any personal style.



手作りなのでお客様の体型に合わせ、サイズの調整を行うことが可能です 。